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Our Mission: 

To coach and support female owned  childcare businesses through the inception, launch, and management of their businesses.

The Need for Childcare Today:
Childcare programs are something that every parent needs access to. Despite the pandemic and the closing of so many businesses, we were able to get centers through the shutdowns so that they  can stay open for business and childcare support today. We are resilient and willing to see your childcare center development through to the end.

Essence Marsh Childcare Consultant

"You either take control of your life or it takes control of you. It’s that simple."

About Us

Creatively Coaching is an advisement firm that helps emerging business owners. We specialize in child care center owners and educators to build the very foundation of their business. We provide education, training, resources, and support to those that want to get their center up and running, despite the challenges that may come.

Our Founder

Creatively Coaching was founded by Essence Marsh, a business consultant, coach, strategist, child care center owner, educator, and travel planner. For Essence, helping business owners kickstart their childcare dreams and turn their vision into reality isn’t just a job – it’s a true passion. She yields years of startup experience and brings her penchant for childcare to the forefront of her coaching business. She wants other individuals to know that if she can do it, then they can, too.

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